Ma Masonry & Construction offers both emergency roof leak and non-emergency roof repair services to both commercial and residential roofing in the Greater Toronto Area.

Proof of Our Roofing Repair Work, With a Guarantee

For each roof repair, our roofers will take before and after photos of your roof during the roof inspection to show you exactly what we have done to fix the problem. This not only proves our work, but also educates you on the various components of your roofing system so you are better prepared for next time.

For your full peace of mind, we provide a 12-year warranty on home roof replacements. Should any aspect of your repair prove unsatisfactory from a workmanship standpoint, we fix it at no additional charge to you for a period of up to 10 years.

Toronto Roof Replacement Services

Are you experiencing problems with your roof? If you notice loose, curling, cracked, compromised or missing shingles, it may be time for a roof replacement. In addition to shingle wear and tear, a roof with damaged or missing flashing, rotting fascia or a decomposing deck is also in trouble. Ma Masonry & Construction provides comprehensive roof replacement and roof repair services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Free Onsite Roof Assessment

Before replacing your roof, Ma Masonry & Construction visits your home to conduct a thorough roof assessment of your situation. Although there are obvious visual signs that indicate the need for a replacement, there is often more to the problem than meets the eye. Our trained project estimators check the attic insulation and ventilation, the shape and configuration of the wood, and all components of your roofing system. If underlying issues are identified, these are fixed prior to your roof replacement to prevent recurrence in the future.

Professional, To-Spec Installations

Ma Masonry & Construction abides by manufacturer guidelines on all roof replacement installations. Not only does this ensure a professional and proper job, but it also provides you with the full spectrum of manufacturer product warranties available for your roofing system.

Wide Variety of Products

Ma Masonry & Construction specializes in roof replacement services for asphalt shingles and cedar shake roofing systems. Offering a wide range of roofing products for you to choose from, we make it easy for you to find the perfect one that suits your personal preferences and optimizes the curb appeal of your home.

Warranties & Guaranties

When you choose Ma Masonry & Construction to replace your roof in Toronto, you benefit from peace of mind, knowing your new roof is protected through product warranties, workmanship warranties and guaranties. We offer manufacturer-direct prorated and non-prorated warranties on all roofing systems we install, which are also accompanied by our Contractor’s Warranty that guarantees our workmanship for a period of up to 10 years.

Roof Maintenance Service

Like any other valuable asset in life, a roof also requires a certain maintenance and up-keep in order to perform with effectiveness and longevity. The role of your roof is to cover and protect you home, in turn it protects your loved ones and yourself. The fact is, what protects you, also itself requires means of protection in order to continue serving its purpose. The roof not only covers everything above your home, but is also part of the outer layer of your home. This makes it susceptible to damage from all the threats which lie outside. From wear and tear, to whether damage and critter invasions, your roof puts up a fair fight each day to maintain its functionality and efficiency.

Every year, home owners in Toronto deal with a large host of damage inflictions to their roofs. We live in heavily nature-saturated areas as well as the fact that we endure hard, long winters and humid, hot summers. Let’s look at the factors which effect homeowners in Toronto & GTA throughout the seasons; Spring: mother nature is birthing all of her creatures and wild life is thriving everywhere.

During Spring, every animal in the kingdom seeks a home in which to nest and produce offspring. Every squirrel, racoon, bird and insect is searching restlessly for a home to host their babies. Any hole, opening, crevasse or nook will do, and your roof/attic couldn’t be a better piece of real estate for these eager property occupants! Spring time is also a period in which most of the year’s rainfall takes place. Precipitation is another major cause for roof perils and often gets the better of old, or already compromised roofs very easily. Another problem we often see in Spring, is the collaboration between critters and whether. Even if your roof is brand new and sparkling, once a racoon or squirrel is able to create so much as a small opening, the wind-driven rainfall which may follow, will instantly bleed its way into the attic and home, causing not only leaks, but also mold, rot and other damage by the time you can even address the first issues.

Roof Maintenance Program

Ma Masonry & Construction always there for you to rely on when it comes to being prepared. By using our Roof Maintenance Program, you can have the advantages of prevention and save your money. Our Maintenance Program, along with its repair services and assessment reports gives you the homeowner, all the advantages of not having to pay a high price for untimely roof defects and leaks.

Once a leak begins to cause rot and mold to set it, a homeowner has their work cut out for them, and their wallets too! All this can be avoided too easily, by just taking the steps to ensure proper roof maintenance before the problem occurs.

Summer: Summers in Toronto & GTA are hot and very humid. Sometimes you may even notice the asphalt covering your streets have gone soft! Extreme heat and humidity can cause both further nesting and shelter seeking by animals and condensation build-up within the attic. Condensation is the number one culprit of mold and rot in the attic. If not properly ventilated, condensation can easily build up inside the attic without any notice and begin the process of rotting your roof and creating the need for a full roof replacement!

In the Fall, well, everything falls! This means that your roof is no longer just fighting critters and rain, but is also carrying the weight of load after load of leaves and twigs falling from trees and filling up the gutters and eaves troughs.

The Fall season is a great time to have your roof serviced and assessed thoroughly, in preparation for the Winter season. With just one visit, your Ma Masonry & Construction technician can repair, prepare, assess and diagnose the roof and keep it in great condition to bare through the Winter.

Once Winter hits, roofing perils can pile up higher than the snow! Ice dams and rooftop snow cause leaks and extreme damage to attics. These repairs often come at a high price to pay for those who didn’t prepare beforehand. The Roof Maintenance Program is design exactly to prevent these costs on major repairs.

The Roof Maintenance program was created with every season related risk that comes to mind in regards to your roof. The services we provide in the program include the following:

  • Full Roof Inspection (ensuring your roof is in accordance with manufacturing standards)
  • Full Attic Inspection (ensures that no leaks, rot or pests/animals are developing within)
  • Eaves Trough Fastening and Re-enforcement all around the home perimeter
  • Calking of any Seems, Corners and Openings which need to be sealed
  • Gutter Clean-Out and Eaves Trough Clearing
  • Ventilation Inspection (Intake & Outtake of airflow throughout the roof and attic)
  • Insulation Inspection (ensuring insulation is up to par with building code)
  • Moisture build-up, Water Stain and Leak Risk Inspections
  • Repairs on anything that is not in good condition or is in need of attention