Professional Drain Service Technicians

Specializing in plumbing and drain services we provide a myriad of proven advanced methods of investigation, rehabilitation, and maintaining sewer and drain systems. With nearly 20 years in the business working on drains and sewers, we’ve provided services in every sector imaginable including residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

When you need your sewer or drain serviced you can depend on the professional, licensed plumbers from Ma Masonry & Construction.

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Drain Installation

We perform full drain installation and sewer installation services; utilizing the highest quality materials and modern procedures your project will allow and in full accordance with local bylaws. Our vast experience and knowledge provide us with a competitive edge when it comes to foreseeing the tasks involved with your specific project and requirements.

New Basement Drain Installation

New basement drain installation service is necessary when you are planning to add a bathroom or kitchen to your basement, finish your basement, remodel or convert your basement to a second suite. Our experienced plumbers will map out new drains for your basement, perform the digging and break the concrete where necessary and possible without any risk to damage your property. Proper drain system will be installed to ensure no water backups or clogs.

Commercial, residential, industrial, or institutional we are fully insured, bonded, and licensed and able to help you achieve your goals.

A Toronto plumbing contractor using a drain camera to inspect a sewer system

Sewer & Drain Inspection

An incredibly important part of maintaining your property’s plumbing system is through regular drain camera inspections. Inspecting your drains and sewers is the best way to discover problems while they are minor and before they pose serious problems to your plumbing system.

We perform drain and sewer inspections all over the Greater Toronto Area using the latest in plumbing technology including CCTV drain and sewer pipe inspection cameras. With this technology, we are able to peer into your drain pipes with full HD video quality providing us unparalleled insight into any problems you have. Drain and sewer problems can’t hide from us!

Learn more about how we can help you to keep your drain and sewers problem-free on our drain camera inspection page.

We also provide pipe tracing and mapping services.

Drain Repairs and Rehabilitation

Once a drain problem has been discovered, it is necessary to correct it as soon as possible to minimize potential damages and disruption to your water service. In our regular servicing of drains, we employ multiple trenchless drain repair techniques, including:

a damaged pipe with cured in place pipe repair clearly visible exposed at the end of the pipe

Cured-in-place Pipe Lining

Cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) is a no-dig pipelining process that allows us to essentially install a new seamless, joint-less interior inside of your old pipes. Once we have completed a drain lining process the new interior is incredibly durable and in some cases more durable than the original piping. Read more our no-dig drain lining solutions on our drain lining page.

computer graphic diagram displaying how pipe bursting services function

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a special no-dig method that allows us to completely replace your old pipes with brand new ones. All that is required is two small holes to access the ends of the section of pipe that needs to be replaced. Once access is established an expander head is inserted into the old pipe that breaks and presses it into the surrounding soil, as the expander head advances it pulls behind it the new pipe. The new pipe can be a larger diameter pipe depending upon the surrounding soil conditions.

Trenchlesss pipe replacement technology allows to save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary digging and saving your landscaping above ground. We also provide trenchless spot repair services using latest plumbing technology.

Drain & Sewer Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the long life of your drainage and sewer system. In an effort to provide the best possible sewer and drain maintenance to our customers we perform single one-time maintenance service calls or we can establish a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that your sewer and drains are always performing their best.

Our drain & sewer maintenance services include drain cleaning, high pressure jetting, drain snaking, sewer line repair, sewer replacement, manhole installation, and more.

Toronto Drain Specialists

In business for nearly 20 years, Ma Masonry & Construction has had the opportunity to perform drain services across the entirety of the Greater Toronto Area. We are fully insured and licensed – if you need a drain expert to solve your problems you can depend on us. Contact us today and we will be happy to address any questions you may have.